3 quick spots to declutter in your home

decluttering Sep 20, 2018

In this time-poor world, it seems there is a never-ending list of stuff that needs to be done. Most of us are aware that we have stuff piling up around us that no longer holds value for us, but we find it hard to prioritise moving that stuff on to someone or somewhere else. While major overhauls are great (I can help with that!) tackling little bits at a time can also be effective and won’t cost you a dime. Without further ado, let’s look at three things you can do tonight and still have time for your fave show on Netflix.


Go check out your spice rack/drawer/shelf - I’m betting you have at least a few that are well beyond the expiry date. Bin them - and add any pantry staples that need to be replaced to your grocery list.


Let’s look at that medicine cabinet/box/kit - same thing. I bet there is some stuff lurking in there from back when Britney and Justin were still together! Same thing - ditch that stuff (responsibly please!) and experience delight that the lid can now fit on the box again.


There is no delicate way to send you to your knickers/undies/lingerie drawer - just go there, my friend! Whip everything out of the drawer and give each item a critical look. Anything that is not in the best shape (holey… or worse!) needs to go in the bin. If you wouldn’t want to be rescued from a burning building wearing it, then there is no need to keep it!

There you have it - three areas you can upon which you can perform a micro-declutter, and faster than you could watch an episode of Riverdale (did you hear the news?? New episodes coming in October, eeeek! #guiltypleasure).

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