5 reasons to hire a professional organiser

decluttering listicle organising professional organiser work with me Mar 25, 2018
Decluttering Coach Rebekah Holmes explains 5 reasons to hire a professional organiser

You may be wondering what exactly a personal organiser (and efficiency expert!) actually does, and why on earth you would need one. Like, everyone can tidy up, right? Well, yes and no. So I thought my first blog post would be a great place to share a little bit more about what I do, and why you need my help. Let's go! 

1. I don't lose my mojo before the job is done

It is a story as old as time. You feel inspired to have a bit of a tidy up, so you get stuck into an easy job. Perhaps hanging up the clothes that you've been throwing on your bedroom reading chair for the last couple of weeks. You finish the job strong, and, feeling great about it, you decide now is a good time to clear out your wardrobe. Everything comes off the hangers and shelves and is laid out onto your bed so you can really *see* everything. You spend the next 15 minutes on the task, then a) the phone rings and you need to tell the caller everything you know about the KonMari method of folding clothes; b) you Google wardrobe organising tips and end up looking at videos of cats in drawers; c) you start a fashion show with some throwback gems that must surely be classed as vintage by now so maybe you could become New Zealand's answer to Sophia Amoruso, or d) something else happens that completely distracts you from the task. Next time you look at the clock it is 1.5 hours later, you've completely lost interest in the task at hand, and even worse, you have a prior engagement that now needs your attention. Everything gets stuffed back into the wardrobe, safe in the knowledge that you'll deal with it tomorrow. Except you don't. And now your wardrobe is a mess. 

2. I come armed with the tools to get the job done

I have power tools and I know how to use them! Or flocked coat hangers... Or the perfect containers for your pantry sort. Before I start on a client's organisation project, we have a chat over phone and email so I can be sure to bring exactly what is needed for the job (within reason). We discuss your aesthetic - are you feeling a white, charcoal, wood or clear look for your kitchen cabinets, for example - and we have a talk about rough dimensions so I know if I'm working with a mountain or a mole hill. Don't worry - I bring the tape measure so you don't have to - then I squeeze every last centimetre out of your space to make the storage solution work just for you. 

3. I am a geek for organisation chic

I spend a lot of time researching the latest storage solutions, with an emphasis on products that look good. In my experience, when something looks great, we are more likely to treat it with respect as we want to keep that fresh and new feeling. I spend my spare time trawling the internet for inspiration, and then re-trawling for products that we can actually access in our little corner of the world. And on that note...  

4. I know where to get the good stuff

If you've ever been bitten by the organisation bug and then gone to hit up your local storage store, you've probably balked at the price of some of the products that are available. No shade to those guys - running a business is hard, and importing stock is an expensive game. Because I'm in the organisation game day in and day out, I have a variety of suppliers that offer great options at multiple price points. No time wasted trawling the stores on foot, or finding the perfect product online only to find that shipping to little ol' NZ is exorbitant. 

5. I'm also an efficiency expert, so working quickly is in my DNA

Ah, the dreaded dither. If you've ever tried to get something done, and find yourself dithering around and not actually making any progress, it is likely because you don't know the most efficient way to complete the task. I employ all the tricks in my efficiency toolbox to work as quickly as possible - without compromising on care for your precious items. 

So there it is - a snapshot what I do and how I may be able to help you. Ready to get your space sorted? Contact me now to get the ball rolling.

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