How a professional organiser declutters her wardrobe

decluttering wardrobe Jan 10, 2019

🎶 It’s getting hot out there, so throw out all your clothes 🎶

Just kidding. But do I have any Nelly fans in the house that can get on board with how awesome that was? 🤣 Next time you clear out your own wardrobe, you are totally going to be singing that song. Sorry-not-sorry - it’s a catchy jam. Anyway…..

This weekend I’m turning my beady eye onto my wardrobe. I haven’t had a good clear out in a while, and I’ve noticed that I’m wearing my old favourites most days - which means there is a whole lotta stuff that is good, wearable and perfect for these sweltering temps, that I’ve completely forgotten about. Fun fact: a clear out doesn’t always mean throwing a whole bunch of stuff away - sometimes it is simply about reminding yourself of what you have and better organising your clothes to enable you to shop your own wardrobe.

I know there is some stuff in there that I haven’t worn since before I was pregnant with Otis, and it doesn’t fit. So rather than beat me up about that fact of life, I’m going to be picking up every single item, deciding:

  1. Does it fit?

  2. Do I actually like it?

  3. Do I have somewhere I will actually wear this?

If the answer is yes to all three, then the garment gets to stay. If it’s not a resounding yes to all three, then it’s time to move it along. I either donate my unwanted clothes, or I take them to the Recycle Boutique for resale.

I’m estimating a maximum of three hours for my wardrobe - I know what is in there, I know how it is currently organised and the things I want to shuffle around a bit. If you’re keen on editing your wardrobe, allocate half a day - you literally want to be taking every single item out and off the hanger, so you can critically appraise whether it answers yes 1, 2 and 3 above. Keep an eye on Facebook next week as I’ll be sharing a video featuring my top tips on wardrobe organisation!

Want the wardrobe edit but can’t stand the idea of spending half a glorious day inside with this sweltering weather? I can help! Book a free, no obligation discovery call today and let’s chat about making a plan of attack that will enable you to rediscover some old favourites, and shop your own wardrobe!

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