How to create an "action station" for your busy home

Oct 12, 2020

If you’re sick of stuff piling up on the dining room table, the kitchen bench, the coffee table (or let’s face it - any available surface), perhaps it’s time to consider implementing an action station as an effective clutter buster in your family home.

By adding a purposeful space for your family’s bits and pieces to “go” when they come into the home, you’re taking a positive step towards confining clutter to a single space in the home. Then, when the time comes to put things away where they belong, the job is faster and easier because everything is in one place to start with. Efficiency hack! Yesssss!!

Keen to learn more? Watch the full video above, then check out my product recommendations below.


  • Action station tray - any tray will do (the tray featured in the video is no longer available unfortunately). 

  • Add a file holder for your folders - like this one from Kmart.

Simple, family-friendly systems that help reduce and manage clutter is what I specialise in! If you’d like some help coming up with a system that will work for your family, jump on a free 15 minute consultation with me to get the ball rolling.

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