How to keep your drawers tidy

orginizing ideas Feb 06, 2019

There are some things in life that never seem to stay tidy for long. Drawers - be they for clothes, Tupperware, underwear or stationery - fall into this category. Despite our best intentions, without some extra help and support drawers can quickly become quite feral. “Help and support?” you ask - you’ll soon learn that is exactly what I mean.

Let's quickly analyse the reasons drawers can get messy:

  1. Stuff slides around when the drawer is open and closed.

  2. Stuff gets dumped in willy nilly.

  3. Stuff gets messy when we rootle (yes, it’s a word!) around looking for something.

Want to kill three birds with one stone? Compartmentalise, my friend! Inserting a set of baskets to create separate “zones” within the space is the fastest road to drawers that will live tidily ever after - it gives the stuff in your drawer a bit of extra support, which helps it stay nice and neat. This is a cost-effective solution that is super easy for anyone to implement. And guess what? It stops your stuff from sliding around, willy nilly dumping becomes a thing of the past because your stuff has a designated place to live, and no need to rootle for your stuff as it is very easy to see exactly what is in the drawer. See? Three birds, one stone.

Of course, it all depends on the measurements (height, depth and width!) and what you’re organising, but here are a couple of products I love using to keep drawers looking dreamy.



The Warehouse

These baskets from The Warehouse are a great price and are fantastic for folded clothes. Use the folding method made famous by Marie Kondo, and store your clothes upright. Make sure to double-check the height of your drawers as these baskets are a little on the deeper side.



I love these drawers from Kmart because they are so multifunctional. Pictured is the medium & wide drawer, but they come in a range of sizes, allowing you to completely customise the interior of your drawer. Use for clothes, bathrooms, underwear, “junk” drawers and more. Be aware of the height of your drawer before ordering. (Search the Kmart website for “clear drawer” for the whole range.)

Want the dreamy drawers but can’t be faffed with measuring, researching and sourcing the perfect products? Check out my new range of services - drawers lend themselves beautifully to a Virtual Declutter.

*Please note, these are products that I personally have used and would recommend. I receive no endorsement from the brands involved, I’m simply sharing my finds and my ideas for use with you.

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