How to keep your home organised and tidy

how to organising ideas Mar 13, 2019

Have you ever wondered what makes one person organised and another less so?

I've always been interested in what makes someone motivated by clutter while others see straight past it. And you'd be forgiven for thinking that highly organised people have all the time in the world! In fact, some of the most organised people are actually super busy!

So how are they SO good at keeping everything in check?

I shared a little video on Tuesday that explains the exact trick these organised people have discovered: they do little things every day that help them eliminate one BIG mess.

They tidy as they go - that's pretty much as simple as it gets.

They pack away before it piles up and return things to their rightful place when they're done.

Sounds too easy right? But that's the thing: doing little things as you go along means you won't spend heaps of time on just one activity. Spending 5 - 10 minutes cleaning up your home before going to bed or heading to work means tomorrow's mess doesn't pile up on top of today's.

Get your kids into the habit of cleaning as they go too (I know right - you're probably thinking YEAH RIGHT REBEKAH!) - but make it into a game and the fun will sell the task itself... Remember how Mary Poppins got the kids tidying up? “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. Find the fun, and SNAP! The job is a game.” (Never doubt the wisdom of Mary Poppins, there are a lot of life lessons in that movie! Ultimately, getting your kids involved is about entrenching organised habits at a young age to make them stick.

Are you an organised person? What's your one big trick that helps you keep on top of it all?

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