When is the right time to declutter?

decluttering Feb 04, 2019

Of course, the answer from a professional organiser is going to be anytime - and of course, I am going to say “I can help with that!” It is actually true, especially if you are tackling a small project (like a bathroom, laundry or office) or a keen on trying a micro-declutter. [Side bar: If you haven’t heard of this concept, make sure you follow me over on Instagram as I’m planning on leading free micro-declutter challenges throughout the year. In short, they have guided sessions where we focus on decluttering a specific area of the home in 30 minutes or less.]

But what about those big organisational tasks - like when you want to reorganise your whole house, for example? Here’s the definitive guide on the best time to declutter your whole house!


In order to have the new carpet laid, you first need to get your stuff off the floor. This represents an excellent opportunity to have a good look through what you have, and clear out the belongings you no longer need or love. You'll be touching all your stuff anyway, so why not look through with a critical eye and clear the decks? 


Obviously, this one falls into the outsourcing basket of decluttering options - imagine the joy of coming home from holiday to a completely clean and clear home. Whilst some rooms need your input, I am very happy to work through your home according to your brief while you are away. The brief is important; I don't remove anything without your permission, so we agree very tightly on my scope of work before you go away. I will guide you through the brief to ensure you have complete confidence in me and my process, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.  


Renovating your home is another perfect time to have a declutter. No matter the size of your renovation, there is probably going to be some level of packing up and clearing away. You might even be considering storing your stuff offsite to protect it during building works. Before forking out for storage, or even boxing your belongings up and shoving in the garage, have a clear out. You may still need to store things out of the way, but you could drastically reduce the amount you are storing.


Home staging is a thing. Having professional designers come into your home and present it in the most appealing light for buyers to ensure you achieve top dollar when your home sales. I think pre-sale decluttering should be a thing also. I can't tell you how many open homes I have attended where I've thought "Gee whiz, these rooms are tiny", only to look a little harder and realise they are just crammed full of stuff. Having a clear-out and axing some of the stuff that has piled up over the years is a great way to refresh your home before it goes on the market.


I've saved the most perfect of times for last. Moving house is the perfect time for a declutter; as stated in a few of the points above, you're touching everything and boxing it up anyway, so why not have a cull before carting it to your new home? Did you know that packing up your home for the move is a service I offer? I leave everything safely wrapped, boxed and ready for someone else to do the hauling. 

There you have it - your friendly local organisation expert’s opinion on the perfect time to declutter your whole house. If you feel inspired at the thought of a clean slate but can’t bare the thought of going it alone, let’s chat! I love big chunky projects and would love to help you achieve the organisational home of your dreams.

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