Epic mega giveaway!!

Guys, the time has finally come to share the epic mega giveaway news. It has been so hard to contain myself until the big announcement day - but it’s here! Yippee!

I wanted to do something really special for this giveaway and got to thinking about some of my favourite things… LOL don’t worry, I’m not about to pass on my second hand stuff to you - I’m going to give you the opportunity to win brand-spanking new stuff. And boy-oh-boy, it’s the good stuff too. I kind of went a little bit nuts on the giveaway (shhh don’t tell my accountant) so it is two-pronged - there is a bonus for the first 5 services booked in for completion in January, and there is a mega prize giveaway for everyone that books a service for completion in January. Say what? Here are the deets:

Brilliant bonus offer

For the first five services booked in for January, the client receives either a:

  • $100 Kmart voucher; OR

  • $100 Event cinemas movie voucher; OR

  • $100 Forme Spa voucher.

See the bottom of this post for full Terms and Conditions.

Epic prize pack - over $500 value!

I am super excited about this - mainly because I love luxury things and I’m excited to share some of my faves with one lucky winner. Every single client that books a service for January goes in the draw to win this mega pack. So if you’ve been thinking of booking something in, there is no better time - you could be the winner of the following favourite things:


Aesop Resurrection Duet ($160 value)

If you haven’t used Aesop products before you are in for a treat. They are the silkiest, most divine smelling hand washes and moisturisers I have ever encountered. This will add the most amazing touch of luxury to your bathroom, kitchen or laundry.


Menu Grinder Set ($140 value)

You may be thinking who on earth needs $140 salt and pepper shakers… You do, my friend, you do! I received a gift voucher for my favourite store (cravehome in Birkenhead, it is amazing) and decided to splash out on these as a treat. #NoRegrets! The texture of the shakers, the lovely smooth grinding action (haha!)… They are amazing. Honestly makes seasoning your food feel like a luxury experience. And they’re able to handle much more than salt and pepper - try dried nuts, seeds, spices or dried fruits for an exotic seasoning at your next banquet. Available in a beautiful range of colours - winner gets to choose!


All Day Tray ($140 value)

This is such a versatile piece - not only does it look absolutely amazing but the All Day Tray is so functional. I love these trays as a solution to pile up - they look beautiful on your kitchen bench or dining table, and somehow make the household dumping ground look chic. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy a lie in every now and then, a) I’m jealous! and b) these trays are a beautiful option for relaxing in bed with a coffee, croissant and crossword before tackling the day. Or if you’re partial to throwing a soiree, the All Day Tray is the perfect addition to any stylish party - add the cocktail du jour and you are set for a stunning soiree. The options are endless, I think every home should have at least one. Available in a stunning range of colours - winner gets to choose!

$100 Cravehome voucher

My list of favourite things wouldn’t be complete without a voucher from my all time favourite store. Browse their beautiful range online or even better, pop into their store in Birkenhead for outstanding customer service. Cravehome offers beautiful treats for the stylish home, gorgeous giftware, adorable children’s clothing and toys and even solutions for those in your life who are hard to shop for. The range is ever changing and the staff are knowledgeable about their products, lovely to deal with and very patient with making recommendations based on their customers’ needs. No wonder they round out my list of favourite things to share with you all.

So…. who doesn’t want to win an epic prize pack?? OKThanksSeeYouLater - now I’m talking directly to those among us who love the finer things in life, have a room in their home that gives them a tension headache just thinking about it, AND can spot an amazing opportunity from a mile away. I bet by now you have hopped over to check out the services that I offer, and have realised that the value of this prize pack is greater than the value of each of my standard room-by-room services. That’s right - you could come out of this with an amazingly tidy space, AND a voucher to spend on something fun for you or your family, AND an epic mega prize pack. What are you waiting for? Go book in your discovery chat right now and secure the sweetest deal of 2019.

Terms and conditions

  • This promotion is in no way supported or endorsed by Aesop, cravehome, Kmart, Event Cinemas or Forme Spa.

  • 5 x Brilliant Bonus Offers (BBO) are allocated to clients on a first come, first served basis.

  • Prizes are strictly available for services that are completed in January. If a BBO is allocated to a recipient who then cancels or reschedules their appointment, the BBO will be reallocated to the next service completed in January.

  • BBOs will be gifted at the conclusion of each service.

  • All services completed in January will automatically be entered in the draw to with the Epic Prize Pack (EPP).

  • The winner of the EPP will be drawn on Thursday 31 January 2019 at 8pm.

  • The winner will be notified by email.

  • The Epic Prize Pack will not be released until all invoices are paid in full.

  • Neither the BBOs or EPP are redeemable for cash.