Calling all budding minimalists!

Hands up all the budding minimalists out there! You're onto a good thing there because less stuff = less clutter. To have less things in your life, you have to start at the source of the problem - i.e. your habits of accumulation. It's not just about buying less things, it's also about letting go of some of the things you already own.

Here are some practical ways to help you on your way to embracing minimalism as a way of life rather than simply working your way through all the episodes of Marie Kondo's show!

  1. It obviously starts with a "Stuff Detox": purge what you don't need and resist the urge to replace it with more stuff.

  2. Don't feel that you need to be productively decluttering 24/7. Doing a little bit every day will help keep you motivated for longer.

  3. Create a habit out of buying less - eventually you will get over the craving to head to the mall whenever you need a pick me up.

  4. Unsubscribe: clutter isn't only lurking in your home, it lurks in your inbox too. Unsubscribe from all of those mailers (except for those from The Ship Shape Shoppe...obvs...)

  5. Focus on a single task at a time. We often think that multi-tasking helps us get through more tasks in a shorter space of time, but in fact it does the opposite. Focus on one task, complete it and move onto the next one - that way your not halfway through 5 things, but 100% complete with 3.

* Cover photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash