Tupperware organisation overhaul

Oooorrrr because I love a play on words:




Guys, the Tupperware drawer has been overhauled and it is looking toight (like a toiger). Actually full confession - you won’t see a before and after in this post, as my Tupperware drawer always looks like this. I’m not fibbing and I’m not saying this to brag - I’m sharing so you trust me when I assure you that if you organise your drawer like this, it will stay tidy (marauding kids not withstanding*).

First things first - in my opinion the best place for Tupperware is a deep-ish drawer, that you can take a top-down view into (as per most of my photos below). A top-down view means you won’t need to move several things to reach a container stored at the back, and it makes your vertical lid storage easier to set up and maintain. If you don’t have a deep drawer in your kitchen and are instead using a cupboard or a pantry, you can easily create a drawer scenario. Remember my favourite pull-out storage drawers from the pantry overhaul? They can be used all over the house - such a cost effective storage solution, thanks Kmart! I would recommend at least two of these drawers for your Tupperware storage, depending of course on the size of your collection.

So without further ado, here is the overhaul and how I tackled the job (you can view the whole thing on my Instagram stories, I have saved it as a highlight so you can check it out at any time).



  • Clear out your collection first, following the principles suggested in the preparation post. Any containers that you have too many of, that don’t get used, or that have seen better days, need to be moved along.

  • Lay the foundations - first with a shelf liner, then with a vertical lid storage solution.

  • Nest small containers within large containers of the same shape.

  • Store your large containers at the back of your space, and your most frequently used items at the front.

  • Vertical lid storage is the key! I think this is the magic wand for keeping your Tupperware tidy. Storing your lids this way makes it easy to see what you need, and easy to put them back in quickly after they’ve been washed. Store your largest lids at the back of your vertical storage solution.

  • Use multi-compartment containers for small fiddly containers and for small lid storage.

  • Play Tetris and fill in the gaps between your vertical lid storage, and your large containers.


*Marauding kids

Actually, it is my belief that even with small people on the prowl this Tupperware storage is easy to put back to rights - and here is an organisational secret sauce tip. The magic is in your things having an allocated home - if they have a place that they live, and you regularly look for them there, they become easier to keep tidy. However that’s a whole (yet to be written!) blog post in itself, so stay tuned and I will delve deeper in the future. In the meantime, I will try and lure Otis to the Tupperware drawer for a bit of playtime (words I may live to regret!) and will share the results!

So that’s Tupperware, done and dusted! We only have one more week of Kitchen Month left guys, and I’m celebrating the end of it with a live party. No, you don’t need to put your glad rags on for this one - you can join from the comfort of your own home.

I’ll be pouring a wine and hanging out over on Facebook come Friday 30 November, 8-8.30pm (NZ time). Will you come to my party (pretty please)? If you can’t come, feel free to email me any organisation questions you have, and I’ll answer as many as I can during the live party.