Weekend organisation plans - self care

This week has gone by in a blur, and I have found that once again I’m sick with a cold. Thank goodness not another flu! I’m feeling run down and unfortunately, this has coincided with a bit of a sleep regression with Otis. So I’m quite literally sick and tired!

So this weekend I’m prioritising myself - something that many of us women find so hard to do. Hopefully this inspires you to carve out a slice of time for yourself - even if it is just 10 minutes to do something that fills your cup a bit. So what does filling my cup look like?

Friday night

A glass of wine with my parents. This is an absolute highlight of my week - it is so special to spend time with them. Homemade butter chicken for dinner - soul food and a family fave!

Saturday night

Get Otis settled for bed and run a bath. I luuuuurve me a bath but I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a soak. I’m going to download a new book on my Kindle and lie in that bath until the water starts to cool. Bliss!

Sunday afternoon

Coffee group Christmas picnic. I am soooooo looking forward to this! I adore my coffee group mamas and bubbas, but since many of us have returned to work we see each other all too infrequently. This Sunday the families are gathering for a picnic - fingers crossed for gorgeous weather!

And that’s it! Those are my three non-negotiable activities this weekend, and I’m proud to say that I won’t be squeezing in any additional to-dos. This time of year is busy enough and I’m nothing if not a realist about what I have the energy to tackle. I hope you listen to your energy levels and if they’re crying out for some TLC - make sure you listen.