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Crafting...  The kids love it and we love doing it with them but sheesh does it make a bit of mess and clutter! From the glitter and coloured pencils to sequins and all manner of coloured papers and stickers, those little buggers can get away from you pretty quickly! 

Here are some nifty ways to keep it all in check - they're super simple and frightfully cheap but I'm just warning you - it'll make you want to cancel everything to get your craft on!   

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Here is a great one for all the little bits & bobs that float about: paint the top of a mason jar with chalkboard paint and write the name in chalk or white craft pen.

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If you're the sewing type, mason jars also come in handy for keeping your tools in one place (and can we say "pin in foot"?? That alone is enough to make you want to head to Spotlight to stock up). Take a piece of material, stuff it with foam and glue it to the top of the jar. Fill it with measuring tape, dressmakers chalk, extra pins, thread - whatever you need at easy reach!

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If you're a ribbon connoisseur, you may have already found a method for keeping it all tidy, but here's a great cheap way to store it if you're still on the hunt for the perfect solution: drill a hole at the top of a mason jar, thread a bolt and washer at the one end, stack the ribbon spools on top and thread the other end of the bolt into the hole in the jar lid and screw in a nut to keep it secure. And voila! Craft supplies under control!

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What are your favourite ways to banish the crafting clutter?  I'd love to know how you manage it!


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