Your guide to those awkward gifting conversations

christmas courageous conversations free advice Dec 09, 2019
A person wearing an orange jumping receives a gift wrapped in bright yellow paper and tied with a green bow. A green handle pokes out of the wrapping paper, suggesting the gift is a frying pan.

There is no way to write this post without sounding like a spoilt little brat - I’m ok if you want to call me that AFTER you have read this post. Hold your judgement until then, and see if anything I’m about to share strikes a chord with you.

Many of us have one of those people in our lives that we love dearly, but who at the same time completely misses the mark when it comes to buying gifts (remember you are reserving your judgement until the end of this post!!). Underwear in the wrong size, moisturiser with an ingredient that completely aggravates your sensitive skin, beautiful hampers filled with food you never eat…. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

Yes, but also NO. If all of that stuff ends up in the bin, well… that’s not very thoughtful at all. What if there was a way to plant a seed that will grow a better thought - a way to steer your erroneous gifter towards something that you and your family will be delighted to use. Something that won’t end up cluttering the back of your closet, or taking up space in your busy pantry, or making you feel crappy about the size of your butt (6-sizes-too-small-knickers, I’m looking at you!).

There is a way - its called being brave and having a difficult conversation. But where to start? Here! Here is where to start! I’ve put together a helpful guide that will give you some ideas on how to broach this delicate subject. I’ve provided 6 conversation starters to start you off on the right foot - all you need to do is bring your empathy and your courage, and you’ll be on your way to crap-free Christmas in no time.

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