How Clearing Clutter Gives You Space To Focus On The Things That Matter

client experience family organising Jul 26, 2021
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Do you ever feel like there’s just too much going on in your life? 

It seems like there are endless to-do lists in your head and so many things calling for your attention – it’s no wonder you find it hard to focus!

One often overlooked way to clear some mental space is by clearing some physical space. 

What do we mean by that?

Well, when you remove physical clutter from your home, you have one less thing to worry about, allowing you to focus on the things that matter, not constantly think about tidying.

Let’s look at how clearing clutter can help clear your mind.

How Clearing Clutter Gives You Space To Focus On The Things That Matter 

Why Clutter = Distraction

If you find it hard to focus on anything when there is clutter in your home, you’re not alone. In fact, science can help explain why this happens. 

Research conducted by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute shows that when “multiple visual stimuli” are present within your sight, it’s much harder for the brain to focus on just one thing.

So even if you’re trying to get some work done in a tidy lounge, but can see a mess of toys scattered around in the adjoining room, you’ll be less able to focus on the job in front of you.

One of my clients, Sarah, was feeling overwhelmed and annoyed by the constant mess and chaos of her conservatory, which was also used as the kids’ play area.

Having worked with me before, Sarah contacted me for help in clearing clutter from this space and introducing processes to make life more pleasant for the whole family.

“Clearing clutter with Rebekah has meant my children have been able to have more space for creativity – especially my 4.5-year-old. She has started being able to create more as there is a designated area where she can keep talking to us as she works.”

Clearing Clutter Provides Physical And Mental Space

If you’re used to living amongst clutter, you may not even notice the effect it’s having on you – until you’re free of it!

Our brains are incredibly powerful, but even so, we only have so much energy to spend on various tasks throughout the day. Whether you realise it or not, it takes a considerable amount of power for our grey matter to ignore the excess clutter and distractions around us. 

We often spend too much time and mental energy trying to block out these unnecessary distractions instead of focusing on more important things.

Clearing clutter provides space – both in the physical world and in our mental realms – for more of what you love.

“Working with Rebekah has taken one more thing off my plate, which means I have the space to focus on other things in life.

“Decluttering has taken the pressure off me – especially when people turn up. I don’t have to frantically tidy and have them always comment that my kids have too many toys. It’s now organised, so it doesn’t seem as bad.”

Declutter To Find Your Focus 

Clutter can feel embarrassing, particularly when people pop by unexpectedly and witness the mess first-hand! But it isn’t something to be ashamed of. Clutter is merely a side-effect of the world we live in. 

“Rebekah is so accommodating – not only of the mess but of a working mother’s lifestyle. She provides a no-judgement environment to give you practical help and support.”

However, it is common for all that extraneous, unorganised “stuff” to create stress and anxiety. 

Once you clear out that physical space and find better ways to manage your belongings, you will find it easier to get on top of things.

“We can’t do everything, and there is no shame in asking for help – not only to gain physical and mental space, but also to have systems put in place to lessen the mental load. These systems mean others in the household can play a role in maintaining standards.”

If you are ready to clear the clutter so that you can focus on the most important things in your life, then reach out to me today. You too can feel the relief that Sarah has!

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