How dealing with clutter can boost your productivity

about me free advice media Jun 16, 2020
Headshot photos of Rebekah Holmes and Lauren Parsons sitting on a blue and white background

A few weeks ago, I had the best time chatting with Lauren Parsons on her Thrive TV Show. I love sharing my ideas around decluttering and productivity, so was delighted when Lauren invited me onto the show for an interview. I shared some insights into how to avoid the "cupboard of doom", piles of paper and exactly what it'll do for your productivity when you get on top of those pesky clutter areas.

You can check out the full interview over on Lauren’s Thrive TV Show.

I love the bio line on Lauren’s website: Creating a positive ripple of wellness in your life, your workplace and your world. While you’re checking out my interview, make sure you check out some of the amazing resources Lauren has available, or have a look at some of the other guests she has interviewed on her show - perhaps it will be the first steps towards a positive ripple of wellness in your life!

I’m looking for people who are irritated by a cluttered or disorganised spot in their home, as I want to show them the power of “one quick win” in the war against clutter. If this sounds like you, CLAIM your free clutter-busting mini consultation - we’ll focus on giving you one quick win on that troublesome spot, so you can feel confident in beginning to tackle other tricky spots in your home.

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