What is a Decluttering Coach?

about me decluttering coach mindset Feb 23, 2021
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Thanks for asking! I’m glad you did because declutter coaching is something that I LOVE to talk about. If you are someone that wants to declutter, or get better organised, then working with a Decluttering Coach (like me!) could be the perfect solution for you.

As a Decluttering Coach, I specialise in coaching and mentoring people through decluttering activities. I can do this in person if you are Auckland-based; I join you in your home and together we lay hands on your clutter and the areas that need some TLC. If you are not Auckland-based, I provide the exact same care and attention, via a series of video call.

I use all of the skills I have developed as a leader in my former corporate career to guide and support you to achieve your decluttering goals. This includes:

  • Holding you accountable to those goals - you’re paying me to coach you, so you know you’ll make time for our session, and work to get the results.

  • Changing tack when I can see your energy and attention are waning. You won’t lose your motivation because I am there to spice things up when you start to drift off.

  • Being gentle when you hit a wobble. Clutter can be hugely emotional - especially when dealing with family heirlooms and a lifetime of memories. Having someone to share those memories with whilst still actively organising them can help you move through those emotions rather than simply hitting a road block.

  • Giving you new ways to look at tricky spaces. I have an eagle-eye for space and regularly “create” space for my coaching clients simply by suggesting small tweaks in how/where things are stored.

  • Cheering you on! Please don’t underestimate the power of having someone in your corner that truly gets the effort that you are putting into decluttering your life, and the progress you are making.

Working with a Coach is a highly personal, effective and efficient way to declutter and organise your home. After each session, client notes and actions are emailed so that between sessions, clients are able to remain focused on their goals and to-do list, without getting overwhelmed. By completing their homework, they usually achieve their goals faster, and tend not to go off on a tangent. If you’ve ever started decluttering your wardrobe and finished looking at photos from that Cranberries concert you went to back in 1995, you’ll get how easy it can be to become distracted when DIY decluttering!

Working with me as your Decluttering Coach can start from as little as $300. If you want to discuss if you would be a good fit to work with me, go ahead and book a free 15 minute consultation. I’d love to hear from you and cheer you on to achieve your decluttering goals.

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