If you're not naturally tidy, you're never going to succeed at decluttering

clutter busting bootcamp decluttering mindset Feb 10, 2021
Two pieces of string sit on a blue background. The top piece of string is a wavy line, whilst the bottom piece of string is tangled.

One of the things I'm passionate about is helping those amongst us who believe they were "born messy" realise that they too can live a more organised life. Did I ever tell you that I was a messy, daydreamer of a teen? To tidy my room I'd stuff things under my bed, or shove things into the cupboard then lean hard on it so nothing could fall back out again! Out of sight, out of my mind was my strategy and I wasn't budging from it!

Now I'm a grown adult (I'm heading towards 40!) I know better, and I do better. But those tendencies to hide the mess away are still there, so I've developed strategies that help me stay on top of the clutter, without the danger of finding a 2 week old sandwich hiding in a bag at the bottom of my wardrobe!

Something I see people doing time and again is leaping into decluttering without a proper plan in place. Without a plan, anything can happen - but most often, nothing actually does. Projects aren't completed, bigger messes are made, and it all adds up to unhelpful beliefs like "I'm no good at decluttering" and "I'm naturally messy". This is why I started Clutter Busting Bootcamp. I wanted a short, sharp, proven programme that would give my clients a huge boost in confidence that:

  • they could be successful at decluttering;

  • that they could get results;

  • that they could feel happier and more relaxed at home without the clutter and chaos weighing them down.

What kind of results?

  • Declutter up to 5 spaces in 10 days. This is MASSIVE progress if you're struggling with clutter in your home.

  • Claw back time for yourself, every week. Putting in place simple systems that your family can follow WILL give you more time.

  • Feel happier at home. Yes, truly. Imagine a life where you're not living with clutter and chaos, causing low-level but constant stress.

Now you know the results you can expect, and you know when it all kicks off (22- 26 February if you needed a reminder), and hopefully you are starting to believe that you can do this. So are you ready to get started!?

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