Start with a DREAM, then take ACTION

about me clutter busting bootcamp mindset Feb 17, 2021
A piece of orange paper is torn to reveal the words

Do you want to know something AWESOME that I realised last week? I've now worked on more than 80 client decluttering and organising projects!

I started this business when Otis was 6 months old. I set up my website and wrote blog posts while he napped, and when he started daycare at 12 months old I practised on my coffee group friends' homes. The phone started ringing with clients who wanted my help, I ticked off my goal of appearing on TV (for the first time - I've done that a total of three times now), and secured a recurring guest spot on MagicTalk Radio. I've delivered expert presentations to corporate clients (including Microsoft), I started online clutter coaching (first in New Zealand, I believe), and I can still remember every single one of my clients AND the spaces I helped to sort out.

Otis is just 3.5 years old. A lot has happened in 3 years.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because this story started with a DREAM, and I brought it to life with ACTION. One step, after another, after another. Even when it all seemed too hard and I wanted to give up.

If you DREAM of a more organised life and home, it is going to take ACTION to achieve your goal. And as you can see above, action is my speciality.

Clutter Busting Bootcamp begins on Monday 22nd February. I will guide you through focused, consistent action, and together we'll watch your dream come true.

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