How to make clutter disappear

decluttering tips free advice Jun 30, 2022
A large cardboard box filled and overflowing with bubble wrap

I worked for a lovely client a couple of weeks ago who had just moved her studio and shop to a new location. She needed help organising her stock room; with less space than she was used to in her previous premises, she was feeling overwhelmed at the idea of creating an effective and fuss-free store room. Whilst I understand that isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, to me it sounds like a super-fun day in the office! So off I went, and got her sorted.

Part of my service is taking away anything the client does not want - in this case, a giant box of bubble wrap and some other bits and pieces. The unwanted stuff comes home with me and sits in my garage (yes, my husband LOVES it) while I wait to find the best place for it to go. I redistribute to op shops, charities, kindergartens, daycares and schools, and individual community members when I spot something in a Facebook group. Some stuff is really fast and easy to rehome, while some stuff takes a bit longer and a bit more effort. I had pegged the bubble wrap as requiring a bit more effort and thought it might take a few different people chipping away at it to clear the box.

I was wrong.

I saw a post on my local Facebook community group the day after the bubble wrap came home with me; someone was looking for moving boxes. I had some of those, and also offered the bubble wrap. Yes please was the answer… success! They picked up the bubble wrap and moving boxes from my home on Wednesday. (I absolutely love to see things being re-used - imagine a world where the same box of bubble wrap could travel the community, helping protect precious things inside moving boxes, before moving onto the next job? Like Mary Poppins in bubble wrap form ๐Ÿ˜‚ โ˜‚ )

Sometimes, it just works out - like the universe is watching and saying, “alrighty then, I’ll help you move that along quickly.” This week, it worked out - in and out of my garage in just 3 days is *almost* a record (that record is held by some dive gear FYI, but that’s another story ๐Ÿ˜‰). 

What’s the point of this story? Many of my clients hold onto things they don’t want or need; not because they’re lazy, or hoarding resources, but because they don’t want to see useable stuff going into landfill. I applaud that, but only so long as it’s not impacting your quality of life and comfort in your own home. I get it; you’re keeping that stuff from landfill because you care for our beautiful Earth. But the thing is, no one is ever going to be able to reuse it if it is hiding in your garage, right? Here are three quick ways you can:

If you are feeling overwhelmed by things that are too good for the dump, it’s time to take action. Here are four ways you can make the amazing resources in YOUR home disappear:

  • Call your local charity shop(s) and ask if they are accepting *insert your unwanted cool stuff here* right now.
  • Start a chat group with your family or friends and give it a specific purpose – a place for you all to offer the things you no longer want. Take a pic, share in the group and give some guidelines about when you need it picked up so you don’t become you family or friend-group’s storage unit! 
  • Post in your Facebook community group – free stuff always goes really quickly in mine.
  • You could even host a good old garage sale if you have a few treasures to share with the world.

There you have it – 4 ways that you can redistribute those items that are too good for the dump and ALSO never likely to be used by your family. If that sounds like too much effort, I’ll happily come and declutter your place AND take your treasures home to redistribute in the community. You can book your free phone consultation now to get the ball rolling.

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