100 mild irritations really stack up

mindset musings Feb 06, 2020
Rebekah Holmes the professional organiser in Auckland is wearing a bright pink t-shirt and a sequinned necklace. She looks as if she is shouting and tearing her hair out.

I'm currently experiencing irritation on a daily (actually, its more like hourly) basis, and I gotta tell you - I'm really noticing how that irritation is impacting on my mood and productivity. You see, Otis dropped my phone on a concrete floor - later that day the camera stopped working. Some people may be able to get on without a camera, but that's my bread and butter. I take photos of my clients' spaces so I can confidently quote for their projects when I'm back at home and in 'the zone', and ultimately I photograph their transformations too. 

I've very kindly been loaned a phone by my gorgeous nephew, and have slowly been transitioning from my phone to his - transferring the essential apps to keep my business afloat while my phone is in the shop, downloading the social media posts I had batch-created on my phone over Christmas, and trying to get as many of my critical contacts into the new phone without completing taking over my neph's phone. It's annoying - but after 2 weeks of dragging my heels, I finally sent it in for assessment this week. 

Why am I sharing this with you? Because that transition was incredibly irritating and it made me tetchy, shouty, and slowed my productivity. 

I'd go to client site measures and go to take a photo - camera doesn't work so a kak-handed selfie was my only option. Irritating. 
I'd see a cool product in Kmart to share with you guys - took a selfie then got home only to find it was blurry and useless. Irritating.
Once I was using the new loan-phone, I'd go to share a social media post - it's not there. It's on my old phone. Which I no longer have. Irritating. 

All of these tiny little irritations stack up, and tear us down. I know the phone is a specific example, but there are plenty more that relate to being disorganised at home. 

Go to make dinner and you've "lost" a key ingredient in your diabolical pantry; cue the emergency trip to the supermarket. Irritating. 
Find a bill under a stack of paper on the bench; it's 3 weeks overdue and you've been charged a penalty. Irritating. 
Finally have a moment to give the bathroom a decent clean; you discover 3 open bottles of Jif and somehow there isn't enough between the 3 of them to get the job done. Irritating. 

I sincerely hope you aren't, but if you are feeling like 100 mild irritations in your week are tearing you down, perhaps a little organisation magic can lift you back up again. If you're ready to have an obligation-free chat, you can book a clutter-busting strategy session here.

Something to think about, huh? 

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