It's not rocket science - so what is working with a professional organiser all about?

about me professional organiser Oct 24, 2019
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I’ll say it long, and I’ll say it loud - professional organising is not rocket science. When I work with clients, there are no earth-shattering revelations, and no complicated formula to get us from A to B. In fact almost every single one of my clients has said at some point during our time together, “I don’t know why I didn’t just do this myself!” I’ll tell you why… #life.

When you have 100 things on your mind, it is very common to triage the items your to-do list - tackling the most pressing things first. Grocery shopping, pick up/drop off, housework, gardening, visiting Grandma, extra-curricular activities for the kids, playing with the kids, helping the kids with homework, paid work, unpaid work, making goo-goo eyes at the spouse and maybe, just maybe, managing to read for 15 minutes before finally resting your weary head at the end of a long day - these tasks will always trump the “one day” jobs like putting the spare room to rights, or organising the pantry, or finally clearing out the basement. And that’s because all of those are things genuinely ARE more important….

"I don't know why I didn't just do this myself!" - Almost every client, ever

Until you have someone coming to visit at short notice and you can’t see the spare bed for boxes from when you moved 12 months ago. Until you realise that you’re wasting a lot of food and money in the chaotic pantry. Until your basement springs a leak and the plumber can’t get to the pipes because 10 years of the kids’ old crap is piled high and blocking the way. Then, all of a sudden - that clutter becomes a MAJOR issue.

So if working with a professional organiser isn’t rocket science, what is it? Well, a few things really:

  • It’s about accountability. It is about making the appointment, and having no choice but to follow through and get the job done. Now you’re parting with money to make this happen… shit just got real!

  • It’s an extra set of hands. Yes you could do it on your own (bye bye weekend), or of course you could ask the family to muck in. Sounds long-winded and tense. Ugh.

  • It’s about perseverance, and support. When the going gets tough (sentimental items) or boring (are we done yet?), you’ll have the support to push through your resistance and finish the job.

  • It’s about end-to-end, wrap around care. I assess and diagnose your individual situation, declutter, re-organise and remove anything you no longer want. That last part is really important. I’ll tell you why another day, this post is already getting too long!

  • It’s actually pretty fun. We chat, we laugh, we share stories and memories and by the end of the appointment we feel like friends. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down and all that!

  • It’s the inspiration you need to continue. I get the ball rolling in Room A and show you my techniques to tackle clutter, and you are so inspired that after I leave you are confident to tackle Room B, C, D on your own…. And you do! I know this, because when I follow up to see how you’re going, you tell me that you’ve become addicted to decluttering and organising. True story!

I’m down-to-earth, practical, realistic and kind - I don’t know if those qualities maketh a good rocket scientist, but they sure make me a bloody good professional organiser. If you have an emergency-in-waiting clutter situation in your home book an obligation free call with me today. What do you have to lose? (Except for a whole heap of clutter. You’ll definitely lose that!)

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