Organising your pantry during lockdown?

free advice lockdown pantry organisation Apr 01, 2020
Auckland professional organiser Rebekah Holmes is smiling as she stands in front of an open pantry, holding a food container in each hand.

Are you seeing decluttering opportunities while in lockdown? It seems the pantry is on the list for lotsa people over the next few weeks - probably because our food storage is stocked like never before, and we’re learning that an organised pantry is a) very pleasing to look at, and b) kind of essential to a smooth-running household in these unprecedented times.

I’m in the same boat as you! My pantry has always been well-organised for our usual stock of foods, but we never had a bulging pantry because I shopped every couple of days and bought what I needed, when I needed it. Ahhh, the good old days! Now that we’re reducing our trips to the supermarket, the weekly shop has expanded - and so has my pantry. So I’m going to get it sorted by the end of this week, just you watch me! (You literally can watch me - I’ll be sharing bits and pieces on my Facebook page and IGTV (links at the bottom of this page).

Whether you have already or are planning to organise the pantry, now is the perfect time to consider upgrading your storage containers. I’ve heard so many people who waged war against pantry moths over summer - containers with air-tight seals are essential for keeping those pesky critters out of your crackers. Containers that stack on top of one another are another essential - so much of the vertical height (AKA “air space”) in pantries is wasted because of topsy-turvy wibbly-wobbly container towers. And finally, containers that let you see what you have are essential - no use thinking you’ve got a sweet and abundant stock of flour in the repurposed ice cream container, only to realise mid-bake that you actually have less than half a cup to go… #bakingdisaster anyone?!

Now that you have some ideas on what you can change up in your pantry, are you ready to get stuck in? If you'd rather wait till "we're out" and I can come do it in person, why not book your free 15 minute phone consultation now? We can chat and pop you on the waiting list for a pantry fix-up for as soon as possible post-lockdown. 

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