"Losing" food in your pantry is costing you money

kitchen organisation pantry Jul 12, 2019
Close up picture of hands touching snack packets that are sitting in a clear container. In the foreground there are clear containers of pasta and coffee.

If you have a pantry, chances are that you have lost something in it at some stage. A bag of opened flour may have fallen behind a box of breadcrumbs, never to be seen again. A packet of speciality rice was used once and then chucked to the back of the pantry. Or a box of crackers opened, then shoved back on the shelf was quickly buried by other foods being dropped on top.

You rediscover them during your annual clear out - best case scenario they are past their use-by date and go in the bin. Worst case scenario they are rotting (and corrupting the still-good stuff on the same shelf), or a family of insects have moved in and are having a jolly little pantry party with all their friends.

An organised pantry combats this issue AND SAVES YOU MONEY….

If you can see what you have, you can eat it!

If you can see what you are running out of, you can buy more!

The secret here is being able to clearly see what is in your pantry. Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all approach to organising a pantry - they are all different shapes and sizes, and of course every household has different needs. What works for a retired couple with no dependents will be completely different to the optimum set up for a busy family with young kids. No matter what your household looks like, the key principles are the same:

  1. Create “zones” in the pantry so it is easy to find the food you’re looking for (and put it away again!)

  2. Maximise the available space (especially the vertical height available) by introducing carefully selected organisation products.

  3. Label the shiz out of your containers so everyone in the house can help keep it spick and span.

If you follow these three principles, you’ll no longer lose food in your pantry, and will therefore save money.

Still need convincing of the money-saving magic of organisation? Then let’s talk about the time saving bonuses - remember that time = money!!

  • You’ll save time writing up the weekly grocery list, because you will clearly be able to see what you need.

  • No more wasting time rootling through the pantry trying to locate the packet of orecchiette pasta you are SURE is in there… somewhere.

  • No more discovering that you don’t have a key ingredient at the crucial moment of dinner prep (and the emergency supermarket trip that follows)

  • No more buying something on a whim at the supermarket, then getting home and finding that you actually already have that exact thing in the pantry (oh wait, that’s an actual dollar saving again, my bad)!

So there you have it - about a squillion reasons that prove an organised pantry can save you money. Allow me one final time- and money-saving tip - invest in a professional that lives and breathes organisation and can have your pantry running at optimal efficiency in no time. Book a free 15 minute chat with me to learn more, then fast forward to saving your time and money with an organised, functional AND beautiful pantry.

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