You don't need more motivation - you need to change your environment

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The word

Motivation is a funny thing. Is it the secret weapon to getting shit done, or just a convenient scapegoat for not sorting out the things in our lives that need attention but feel “too hard”?

I’ve battled with motivation on many things in my life - studying, exercising, eating well, business activities, even catching up with friends. I have wished that I had the motivation to do XYZ; I have cursed my “lost mojo”; I have berated myself for not having the motivation to do some really important things. And I know my clients feel the same way - if only they had more motivation they’d sort out the garage. When they get their mojo back they’ll sort out the clothes the kids have outgrown. They’ll get around to organising that apocalyptic pantry when they find their motivation.

There is no magic motivation pill - nothing in this world will give you a dose of everlasting motivation to blast through the countless things on the to-do list, day after day after day. Sure, you will have weeks where motivation is high and you will blast through EVERYTHING on your list, but the sooner you understand that motivation is finite, the sooner you can figure out a new way of living that doesn’t rely on your personal energy pool being full to the brim. I don’t know about you, but that’s a rare thing for me at the moment - I’m tired a lot of the time and I need stuff to be easy.

This is where your environment comes in, especially when it comes to the clutter and mess that overwhelms you, but this is actually applicable to many areas of your life. If you tweak your environment so that doing certain things (for example, putting your groceries away, or dealing with unpaid invoices, or putting your clean clothes away, and so on) becomes EASY, then you never need to rely on motivation again.

Did you know that most clutter builds up because it an item doesn’t have somewhere to live? It’s hard to put groceries away when the pantry is a mess. It’s hard to remember to pay your bills when they get dumped in a pile on the bench and buried under other stuff. It’s hard to put your clothes away tidily when they live on the “floordrobe”.

Living in a disorganised way is a habit, and it’s actually quite a simple habit to change if an expert can show you the way to tweak your environment to suit you and your family. That’s where I come in. If you think I only work with “hoarders”, I’d like to take this opportunity to correct you. I work with normal, everyday, kiwi families who have have simply fallen into a habit of disorganisation. Their homes aren’t piled high with decades of magazines and newspapers, egg cartons and milk bottles, plastic bags and cleaning products. They’re people who are just like me, and just like you - successful, busy, and too tired to find the motivation to deal with the disorganisation that is stressful and overwhelming.

If this post struck a chord with you and you’d like to chat about your environment, I invite you to book a free mini consultation with me to get the ball rolling on your journey to a more calm and organised life.

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