A few moving tips!

moving house quick tips Jun 19, 2019
Cardboard boxes sitting in the corner of a light and airy room, ready for moving house

Shifting house? You're probably feeling overwhelmed by the process.

So that's why I'm here, to help you make it through this process unscathed! Here are my top tips for moving home - I'm practicing each of these now as I'm going through my own process!

  • Get organised early - don't leave anything to the last minute

  • Seize the opportunity to purge: the less you own, the quicker you can get settled in the new house!

  • Colour-code your boxes and describe the contents in each box so you know exactly where they go on the other side. For example, use red tape on your kitchen boxes, blue on the bathroom, green for the living room and so on.

  • Pack categories together (all books, all ornaments, all office supplies etc) to keep everything together!

  • Give everyone a task for moving day: someone to manage the move at the old house, someone to look after the kids, someone to manage the arrival of boxes, someone to start unpacking!

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