Let's focus on one quick win in decluttering an area of your home

decluttering mindset Jun 15, 2020
Auckland professional organiser Rebekah Holmes stands in a wardrobe, holding a garment on a coathanger. She is smiling.

Is there an area of your home that you just don’t know what to do with? A place that fills up with clutter, or won’t stay organised and tidy no matter what you do with it. What if I could offer you a quick win to help with that area - free of charge and free of obligation?

Good news my friend! You can have your one quick win, and you can have it at a time that suits you! Book yourself in for a clutter-busting mini consult, and let’s move the dial on that irritating spot. We’ll chat on the phone for 15 minutes and talk through what the issues are, getting an idea of where the triggers might be. At the end of the call I’ll make a suggestion on one quick win for the space in question. How cool does that sound!?

Sometimes, a small tweak makes the world of difference - and I’m the queen of small tweaks when it comes to the home environment. When I help my clients declutter their spaces, I combine my encyclopaedic knowledge of organisational products with my creative problem-solving brain, and come up with simple solutions that truly help my clients.

Book your free mini-consult today and let’s notch up one quick win in the war against disorganisation!

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