Organising your kitchen - Part 1

kitchen organisation Oct 31, 2018

It’s the first of the month! Gasp! Christmas is just around the corner… cue the mad dash to get the house in shape before the silly season truly descends and we lose the plot with parties, pageants and presents.

Throughout November I’ll be sharing my top tips to whip the kitchen into shape. I’ll be delving into the pantry, the fridge and the notorious Tupperware drawer/cupboard (AKA the pit of despair). I hope you’ll join me as I share kitchen transformations to inspire you, as well as my favourite products to maximise space and keep your cabinets nice and crisp.

Specifically, here is what you can expect:

How to follow along? I know you’re busy and you probably won’t remember to check back with the blog every week, so I’ll make it easy - make sure you are following me on Facebook and Instagram as I’ll be posting all updates on my social media. I’ll be organised (that’s kind of my thing, haha) and let you know if there is anything I recommend for the project ahead. Starting with…. (drumroll!)


Before you get down to business for the 1-hour refresh, I recommend doing the following:

  • A quick stocktake - peek in your pantry and see what is lurking there. Chuck out anything that has seen better days - don’t forget to recycle the packaging. You also want to see what open packages you have (flour, sugar, etc) need to be decanted, so you can arrange containers if you need them.

  • Sort out containers - repurpose what you have (preferred), or buy secondhand/new if you need to. The key selling point for a container is stackability - you want containers that will stack on top of each other without requiring a safety permit and scaffolding! Have them washed and dried before you start.

  • Decide on a labelling method - a simple label maker or a chalk marker will do the trick. The chalk marker gets bonus points as it is cheaper AND will double as an activity for the kids if you want to safely let them loose on your windows. Shop around as they come in a variety of colours, but you’ll only need one marker for the purpose of this exercise.

  • Grab a cleaning cloth - I use Norwex products in my home, I love that they only need a bit of water to do a great job, and can be chucked in a normal washing load to reuse again and again, rather than ending in landfill after a few uses. I use the recycled Enviro cloth. You’ll need to give the shelves a good wipe down before we start the timer!

  • Organise some shelf liners - these are optional but I recommend them to protect your pantry shelves from oil and sauce spills. Briscoes sell my favourite brand, but keep an eye out for a sale as the price comes down considerably! Pro tip: shop in-store to secure your colour preference! Ordering online does not guarantee your colour choice.

There you go! You have a few days up your sleeve to organise the things you need for the quick pantry refresh. Keep an eye on Facebook and Insta next week - I can’t wait to share my tips with you and hopefully see some crack lacking kitchens come out of the woodwork once you’ve had a chance to whip your pantry into shape!

If it all sounds a bit hard, I hear you, and I can help! Why not book a 15 minute phone call with me? You can get to know me and my process, then we can figure out how to move your kitchen from feral to fab without you lifting a finger.

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