How I became a professional organiser

about me Jul 14, 2019
Rebekah Holmes is smiling and sitting on a grey couch. She is wearing a pale-pink top.

I wasn't always tidy... my parents will testify to that fact! While I always loved the feeling of coming home to a neat and tidy bedroom (even early on the "aaahhh effect" had a hold of me!), I never made an effort to stay on top of the debris of a busy teenage life. The pile up was constant and inevitable - work clothes, sports uniforms, school bags, homework, and so on. Looking back I don't know how I achieved anything with all that stuff stifling me. (Actually I do know - thanks Mum!)

Fast forward to a very busy corporate role and I realised I found solace in organisation, both at work and at home. As I became familiar with systems-based approaches in my professional life, I realised that similar methodology could be applied at home with the same result - a structured and systematic approach means recurring tasks are completed with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, leaving more time and energy for the things that matter most in life. 

It was when I became a mum that everything really clicked into place - cloth nappies, laundry loads, bottle sterilising and food prep - I systemised as much as I could to help me stay on top of mum-life and realised that I had a talent for organising that went beyond “just enjoying it” (but don’t get me wrong - I frickin’ love it). I’d always wanted to run my own business, so decided to take the plunge… and the rest is history.

I truly believe structure, order and routine can pave the way to a more creative and fulfilling existence for almost everyone. I would love to share my knowledge with you, and help set you on a path to a more organised life.

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