Pantry: Before & After

before and after pantry transformation Jun 26, 2019
Two side by side images of a pantry. On the left hand side is an unorganised pantry and on the right hand side is the same pantry after it has been organised.

Here's a Before & After of a pantry I worked on - with just a few simple storage tools, your pantry can look swish too!

We start by bringing everything out of the pantry, chucking out what’s expired and decanting whatever’s left into handy storage solutions. There are so many great options out there, but at the moment I especially love ClickClack cube storage containers.

From there, we relook at the space and how we can best use it and begin the process of getting everything back into your pantry.

You’ll come away from the process with the following:

  • Seeing clearly defined categories

  • Being able to see what you need to get more of and what you have enough of, making your next trip to the grocery store a lot easier to plan

  • A bit of relief - just knowing that your pantry is organised and easy to use will make it so much more enjoyable to cook, bake and prep lunch boxes in the morning!

Get in touch if you'd like to book your pantry in for an overhaul….

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