A quick tip to boost summer organisation

family organising organisation tips summer Nov 17, 2021
A brightly coloured bag with beach towels poking out the top sits beside a car

Summer isn't my favourite season (Autumn has my heart), it's a very close second. But one thing I know for sure is that I want to be out there enjoying it, not racing around my home, in a flap, looking for stuff just to get out the door.... Enter: the "Go Bag"

A go bag is a kit that stays packed at all times with the essentials for a successful mission out of the home. Your gym bag, nappy bag and if you're USUALLY a frequent traveller, overnight bag are all great examples that we'll all be familiar with.

At the beginning of every summer, I pull out the beach bag and fill it up with all the things we will need for a fun and safe day in the sun. Here’s what’s in mine:

🧢 Hats for everyone

🧴 Sunscreen (check the expiry date)

👝 A wet bag for soggy togs

🩲 Undies for everyone

🧣Sarong (AKA my eye wiper, nose dryer, emergency dress, sun shade)

🔸 Beach blanket

The key to the success of a go bag is that the bag is always packed; so you’ll need to be disciplined to not harvest it for goodies - if your memory is anything like mine, you’ll forget to return them! My go bag lives in a cupboard; my routine is to grab the bag when we are leaving, add the “on the day” stuff like snacks, water and towels then head out the door. When we get home, I empty the wet bag, restock whatever needs it, then put the go bag back in the cupboard. Tucking it away between beach trips keeps it out of reach of would-be pillagers (mainly myself!).

With those essentials permanently locked and loaded, I know I can get out the door with a bit less stress. I mean … I still have to pack the on the day stuff, but having my go bag stocked means that there is less chance I’ll forget something really important 🤞🏾

Side note: you can build a go bag for so many situations. Gym, nappy, and overnight bags are all examples that can be stocked with a few essentials, so you can be out the door in a flash when you need to⚡️

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