How to keep memories alive, without holding onto clutter

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Auckland professional organiser is jumping in the air from a brick seawall in Plymouth, Massachusetts. She is smiling joyfully as she jumps.

How often do you actively share memories out loud with your loved ones? 

At the end of 2016, my husband and I went on the holiday of a lifetime around the USA. We drove from Houston to New York via 13 different states, before flying across the country to finish our trip in San Fransisco. We sight saw, we tramped, we snowboarded, we shopped, we met my family for the #bucketlist experience of spending Christmas in New York together, and it was in Vermont that we first learned little Otis was in my tummy. Like I said, it was the trip of a lifetime; the United States hold a very special place in my heart 🇺🇸 ⁣

We took 1 million photos and we collected magnets from every state we visited, but apart from those physical mementos our memories are all we have.... so we work to keep them alive! 🥳⁣

On Friday night we had a round of “remember when”, each sharing iconic small moments (to us) that brought the excitement of travel and new places flooding back. The big moments are easy to recall - the small moments are the ones that will slip away if we don’t work to remember them 🥺⁣

If you are someone who relies on physical things to spark your memory, why not try playing “Remember When” with your loved ones? It doesn’t cost a cent and is such a nice way to reconnect with special places, people, experiences. It doesn’t have to be about travel - it could be funny childhood memories, school-days nostalgia, special occasions... anything that sparks a smile and rescues a moment from deep in the memory banks. As for the physical stuff - dig it out and enjoy it every now and then! It’s not doing any good hidden in a shoe box at the back of your wardrobe - bring it out, touch it, share memories with your kids so they’ll know why it was important enough for you to keep for all these years 📦 ⁣

Breathe new life into your memories, release some dopamine while you’re at it, and enjoy your trip down memory lane. I sure did when I chose some favourite pics from our trip to share with you 📸 ❤️ ⁣

Physical memorabilia is important to many of us, and I truly believe that it isn’t serving anyone if it is stored in an attic, basement, garage, shed, or at the back of a cupboard. I would love to help you find a way to hold onto your keepsakes in a way that honours them, rather than just storing them. To get the ball rolling on your memory-keeping project, book your free 15 minute phone consultation now.

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