How to declutter fast: the stash and dash

decluttering tips family organising quick tips Aug 01, 2019
An empty wicker basket sits on a dark red background

Have people coming over in a few minutes and don't have time to do a solid clean of your living spaces?

Here's my top tip for decluttering - FAST.

I call it: STASH AND DASH.

I know right? #Catchy.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Start by grabbing an empty box (a laundry basket comes in handy too!). Make sure it's big enough to hold a bunch of stuff.

  • Make a quick pass through the room and fill up the basket with anything that doesn't belong in the spaces you'll be hosting your guests.

  • Then, take a SECOND pass through the rooms. You'll likely pick up on things you didn't see before!

  • Stash the basket somewhere out of sight (putting the STASH into STASH AND DASH) - the garage or some equally obscure place where guests may not venture) and…


Clean home that will make your guests think you just woke up like that!

Once they leave, take some time to put everything where they actually belong. It's like killing 2 birds with 1 laundry basket!

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