The habits of highly organised people

efficiency habits Jul 11, 2019
Person with manicured nails writing in a spiral bound notebook with a silver pen

So I did a bit of research and you know what?

The habits that they practice are nothing special or new - they just do small things on a daily basis.

That's it!

For example:

  • They write things down: from their shopping lists to their to do lists

  • They have routines: down to when they fold the laundry to how early they get up

  • They don't put things off for later: they do them now and move onto the next task (easier said than done, am I right? Laundry pile, I'm looking at you...)

  • They are goal-oriented: not just with the big life stuff, but even daily things like "get dinner on the table by 7pm".

Would you say you're a highly organised person?

What's your top tip to staying on top of it all?

If you WOULDN’T consider yourself a highly organised person, then never fear! That’s why I’m here… Book a session with me and we’ll come up with some easy, swanky ways to help you organise your life so that your systems basically take care of the clutter for you…


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