The time vs money conundrum

musings saving time Aug 01, 2019
A red alarm clock sits in front of two potted plants and pink sheets of paper.

Ahhhhh time. That precious commodity we all wish we had more of.

Wait a second. Money money money! We want more of you too!

Sometimes I yearn for the simplicity of my teenage years when somehow I had enough time and enough money (thanks to my part-time job at Maccas) to live and enjoy my simple existence. No mortgage to pay, no kids to feed and clothe (PS. How much do 2 year olds EAT!?!?)… I earned my money and it went into gas for the car, burgers for my belly and “refreshments” for the weekend’s festivities. As adulthood encroached I quickly realised that as we earn more, we take on more responsibility and we have less time - no wonder “adulting is hard” is the battle cry of our generation!

With the increased responsibility of being a grown-up (make no mistake, I’m nearly 40! I’m a seasoned vet at this adulting lark now!), I quickly realised that I would often need to make a choice between time, and money. Weekends would roll around and rather than spending it cleaning the house like we should have, we wanted to spend the time on more enjoyable activities - socialising, dates, movie nights, brunch and so on - and yet the housework didn’t go away. It would snowball weekend after weekend after weekend, eventually reaching crisis point and requiring a hazmat suit, support from the local emergency services (LOLZ) and hours of our precious, limited time.

And so we had a choice. Sacrifice our time, or sacrifice some money and call in an expert. We chose the latter and employed a cleaner and honestly we have never looked back. The savings in our time (especially now that we have the aforementioned 2 year old who is WAY MORE FUN than cleaning the toilet!) far outweigh the money we spend on this outsourced service.

There are so many things in the home that can be outsourced to support busy families - particularly women, who seem to shoulder the lion’s share of the household duties. I am all for the services out there that reduce the load (mental and physical!) on the modern woman; gardening, nannying, ironing, grocery delivery, dry cleaning and decluttering services are all available to help us live our best lives. Whether you’d like to unlock more time for your career, your family, your health or your relationship - I’ll bet there is an expert out there who would LOVE to join your support crew and help you achieve your goals.

So what are you up to next weekend? Spending time decluttering your kids’ toys, or outsourcing the task so you can watch your kids tear up the sports-field instead?? Book a free call now to learn how I can help you unlock more time for what matters most in your life.

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