Turn your trash into organisational treasure!

crafts how to organising ideas Mar 18, 2019

Candles, tuna cans, formula tins - it's all just rubbish, right? WRONG. Your recycling bin is a treasure trove of some seriously awesome decluttering treasures just waiting to be discovered. And best of all, it makes for a fun afternoon of crafting with the kids.

If you're big into candles and stashing them around your house, don't chuck out the jars just yet. Clean them out with hot water and turn them into holders for just about anything: pens, pencils, teaspoons, makeup brushes or craft supplies.

Have a taste for tuna? Give those tins a good wash, peel off the labels and use them to store smaller office stationery like paperclips, pins and tacks.

Formula tins lurking around your recycling bin? Give the little ones a paintbrush and let them have a go at decorating your new herb planters.

What's your favourite way to reuse and recycle?

(Cover photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash)

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