The Unseen Challenge - free 5-day mini decluttering challenge

free advice free challenge Jan 21, 2020
The word

Welcome! Are you at home as you are reading this? If not, come back and read this when you are at home. Noooooow are you at home? Awesome - let us begin!

Walk around your home and take a look around. Really look at your shelves, chairs, window seats, the kitchen bench etc and start to notice if there is any clutter lurking. You may not see it at first - this challenge is about the clutter that is hiding in plain sight, the stuff that we have become so accustomed to that we stop actually seeing it.

Have you found anything? Yes. Great! Together, we are going to deal to it!! I’m running a free, 5-day mini challenge that will guide you in dealing with that clutter, step-by-step. 

What do you reckon? Do you want to launch into February with that clutter kicked to the kerb? Sign up below… The Unseen Challenge starts today!

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