How to declutter your wardrobe this summer

free advice summer wardrobe Dec 21, 2019
A minimalist wardrobe with clothes hanging in two bays. In the left-hand bay hang several tops in pastel pink and neutral colours; in the right-hand bay hang several business shirts in grey and white tones.

It’s getting hot in here, so organise all my clothes…… haha, any Nelly fans in the house? No? Just me? Awkward.

Summer is here and if you can’t find your jandals because your floordrobe is out of control, then you need my simple 3-step guide to decluttering your wardrobe. It’s easy to follow and it actually works - you will have culled your clothing faster than you can say “pineapple fruju please!” and be slipping, slopping, slapping and wrapping your way to the beach before you know it.

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