Welcome to the team, Jo!

behind the scenes pantry pantry organisation special offer Sep 01, 2022
Jo Eberly, pictured working in a client's garage, has joined The Ship Shape Shoppe team as a professional organiser

Jo is a recent addition to The Ship Shape Shoppe. We’ve worked on two client projects together, and I found Jo lovely to work with. She gets down to work quickly, and has excellent ideas about how to organise spaces. She is fast and efficient, but also just a kind, good person. We've spent 3 hours in the van together travelling to and from clients' homes, so we've had plenty of time to get to know each other!

It's taken me 2+ years to find the right person to join me and work with my precious clients. I receive 2-3 enquiries every month from people looking for work, but I am very careful about who I work with and it has never quite panned out, until now. The fit must be perfect.

Jo is the first person I’ve trusted to bring with me to assist on client appointments, and she proved herself immediately to be a problem solver with a kind heart. I know Jo will take great care of you.

Beks xxx

Here's a bit about Jo, in her own words:

I’m a people person who loves to see others happy and comfortable in their homes. I am middle-aged ,menopausal and a mother of two- one of whom is extremely messy! I have a passion for sorting, organising and creating systems that work for busy individuals and families. I’m a nature lover, a forager, gatherer and collector, so I understand the push and pull of loving precious things but needing spaces that display them without cluttering the flow of daily life.

I especially love the ocean, being near, in or on the water makes me thankful for life. I live in Auckland but have also lived in the USA, where my husband is from.

I love to see people happy in their homes, with functional storage that serves the family. I’m not about perfect but I am about function. I would love to help you in your spaces, to create organisation that works to make you relax and live more harmoniously.


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