What is "holistic organisation"?

decluttering family organising household systems musings May 11, 2021
A Venn Diagram with two circles overlapping: One circle says

I believe there is an organisational sweet spot that exists when a business or household is both clutter-free and systems-lead. In that sweet spot, it becomes easier to maintain order and keep things running ship shape. You might think that systems and processes stifle creativity and happiness, but in fact they can free up time and energy.

Holistic organisation means looking at the whole picture - shining a light on all of the puzzle pieces that could contribute to pile up. This might include clutter, people, a lack of systems, and so on. Decluttering is always the starting point and for a lot of people, that makes a huge difference and is enough. For others, digging a little deeper can yield huge leaps in efficiency.

Every case is different so if you'd like to know more, please book your free 15-minute consultation. I would love to chat and discuss how I might be able to help you. 

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