How to turn your busy bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary

Aug 08, 2019
A bedroom with sunlight streaming through windows and casting shadows on the bed, with tall cacti outside the window.

Here are my top tips for making your bedroom a sweet haven to escape to away to:

(1) make the bed: work to make it a habit too - it’ll do wonders to make your space look and feel clean and uncluttered

(2) clear under the beds: there are some things lurking under there that you’ve probably not seen for years - get rid of it! While you’re there - give it a vacuum too!

(3) declutter your side tables leaving only the bare essentials like a lamp and book (or plant). The less you have to distract you at bedtime, the better!

(4) dust furniture and above the door and wardrobes: say buh-bye to those dust bunnies!

(5) give your wardrobe and cupboards a good clear out and donate things you know longer wear: it helps declutter your mind at the same time!

(6) clear the floor: it helps make the space look bigger and less cramped

(7) open the windows for some fresh air: nothing refreshes a cluttered mind like a little fresh air

(8) light a candle! Smells wonderful and adds a soft ambient light to the space

What’s your favourite way to create a haven away from the chaos of daily life?

Hit me up, I’d love to hear about them!

While you’re here, why not book a FREE phone call now to see how we can work together to get the rest of your home feeling like a haven you’re excited to escape to?

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