Bullet Journalling For Adults | Online Workshop

Bullet journalling is a fun and creative way to plan your day, organise your tasks, and record all of the cool stuff that happens in your amazing life. 

"Bullet journalling looks cool, but it seems like a lot of effort."

I'm not going to lie - when I first started bullet journalling, I was a bit intimidated by the beautiful journals I saw all over Instagram. Not only were they stunningly designed with amazing colour palettes and drawings, they looked... time consuming. Yikes!

I wanted to simplify the learning curve for people wanting to give it a go BEFORE they had necessarily invested in the journal, and the pens, and the pencils, and the stencils. I also wanted to show people that they could create a fun and pretty journal without a degree in Fine Art. 

The course includes: 

  • Instructional videos (45 minutes in total)
  • Comprehensive guidebook (31 pages)
  • 18 printable templates

This course is for you if:

  • You want a fast, no-nonsense introduction to bullet journalling.
  • You're intimidated by the picture-perfect journals you see on Instagram and Pinterest.
  • You want to learn the basics but don't want to waste time ruling lines and coming up with "spreads".

You should head back to Google and find a different course if: 

  • You know how to bullet journal - this is a course for beginners.  

More info:

  • The course is presented via video, with an accompanying guide book that provides visuals. I recommend watching or listening to the video while flicking through the guide book.
  • You'll have lifetime access to the course - so any time it is updated or new content is added, it's all yours at no extra cost. 
  • You won't need hours-upon-hours to work through this course. Because one of the greatest barriers to getting started with bullet journalling is TIME (or a lack of it), this course is designed to give you the goods succinctly and get you started. 

The course is hosted on a mobile friendly website, so you can watch or listen anywhere. 

Bullet Journalling For Adults | Online Workshop

Only $9


  • Instructional videos.
  • Downloadable guide book with thorough instructions.
  • 18+ printable templates to get you started.