The loss of a loved one

I am so sorry for your loss. Whatever the circumstances, losing someone close to you can be difficult and challenging. On top of mourning, often there are practical matters that cannot be postponed for long. 

One of these practical matters is the clearing out of someone's home. The emotional toll of going through a dear one's belongings (in some cases a lifetime's worth) can be huge, at an already difficult time. It can also be a lengthy process; sorting through love letters, old photos, school records, treasured memorabilia, collections and more can be fascinating, heart-wrenching or bittersweet. Poring over personal history is time consuming and I believe is a task that should not be hurried. Here is where I can help.

As an independent person removed from the bereavement, I can work through a home quickly and sensitively. For less sentimental items - for example, kitchenware, electronics and so on - I can help to arrange sale and removal (if required). Before I start, I guide you through a brief so we agree on my scope of work, and everything is completely transparent. If items are to be sold, I deal with third parties and provide you with itemised quotes. If items are to be donated, I create an itemised list for your approval before anything is removed. For those precious items that are to be kept until further notice, I create a boxed storage system (including a catalogue) so you can easily find what you are looking for when you are ready. And if you need help deciding what to keep and what to pass on, when the time comes I can be there to guide you, if you prefer. 

I can help you with this process as much, or as little, as you require. You will find me sensitive, empathetic and gentle - but I also get the job done.

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Landlords or property managers

If you are a landlord or property manager who has had a tenant pass away in one of your properties, I am sorry for you. As well as being difficult for you on a personal level, it can pose some logistical challenges in clearing the belongings when there is no next of kin available to assist. 

I can work quickly through the property to clear it out, according to your requirements. You may need things boxed up (in a logical manner) for someone else to collect, or you may need everything removed from the site as quickly as possible. I don't blindly throw everything into landfill; instead I ensure things are donated or rehomed wherever possible. I will ensure that the property is cleared and ready for professional cleaning (this is not included in my service) before I leave the premises.

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Contact me

Whatever your circumstances or requirements, I offer the utmost professionalism and sensitivity in undertaking this task on your behalf.

Please phone Rebekah on 021-682-193 to discuss your needs.