Appointments for 1:1 Coaching available from July 2022 onwards

1:1 Declutter Coaching

Start channelling some Marie Kondo vibes, my friend, because together we’re about to transform that space that has been on. your. nerves. for some time.

The office shelves? The wardrobe? The playroom? That hallway cupboard of stuff? Whatever space it is in your home that has been taunting you with its untidiness every time you walk past, we’re going to tackle it!

My virtual 1:1 coaching is the first of its kind.

While you do the hands-on tasks, I’m right there to help you get down to the business of tidying, organising, decluttering and disposing. 

You get the benefit of my expertise and labrador-level of enthusiasm to walk you through it all. We’ll have those tough conversations together and I’ll help you make confident decisions that result in a cleaner, clearer and more harmonious home.

Just like a personal trainer, business coach or nutritionist keeps you accountable, I’m here to help you reach your decluttering goals! Importantly, my advice is realistic and budget-friendly for Kiwi family homes.

With DIY your Decluttering you commit to three 45 minute video-call sessions where we’ll work together through the areas of your home that are causing you overwhelm. This is a great opportunity to get these jobs done and learn some great tips, without the expense of having a professional organiser come to your home! Because it’s virtual, this service is available throughout New Zealand -  and beyond!

Let’s create more space - in your home, in your head and in your life.

1:1 Declutter Coaching

3 x video coaching calls. Dive deep with a decluttering coach and fix those clutterbergs, for once and for all. 

I'm ready!

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If you have any questions, please book a free 15 minute consultation. We'll get familiar and together decide if 1:1 Declutter Coaching is the right option for you.

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Appointments available from June 2022 onwards