Decluttering services, room by room


Let me work my magic in your kitchen; you will come home to a room transformed. I create functional storage solutions that are beautiful, efficient and above all else, sustainable for you to manage in the long term. 

Cost: $500 (INCl. GST)*


Bathroom & laundry

Bathrooms should be a place of sanctuary, but can often feel more blah than home spa thanks to expired cosmetics and dust bunnies. Let me undertake an overhaul that will put the "ah" back into your bathroom, leaving you with a space that is both inviting and functional. 

Your laundry won't be neglected. It doesn't matter if it is a hole in the wall, a cupboard, or a whole room; show the most hardworking room in your home a little love and enjoy a space that finally offers form as well as function. 

Cost: $300 (INCL. GST)*


Bedroom & wardrobe

If your bedroom feels anything but restful, I can help! From clothes spilling beyond the borders of the wardrobe, to beside table bedlam, to your precious jewellery living in a jumble, I've seen it all. The first step to restoring R&R to the boudoir is a good wardrobe sort - I will guide you through this process gently but systematically, then you can leave the rest to me. 

Cost: $500 (INCL. GST)*


Teenager's bedroom

Sometimes you just wish a fairy godmother would come and sort out the apocalypse that exists behind your kid's closed door. I don't have a wand, but I do have a knack with teenagers and absolutely love working with them to achieve Instagram-worthy havens. I'll help them to declutter before resetting their bedroom, giving it the best chance possible to stay tidy for the foreseeable future. Before I go, I agree "Teen Terms" so everyone has a clear expectation of keeping things under control with minimal effort and nagging required from all parties. 

Cost: $300 (INCL. GST)*


Study or office

If you find your study stirs up procrastination more than inspiration, you could benefit from an office overhaul. It may be the smallest room in the house, but with the potential to become a dumping ground for paperwork, stationery, books and more, the home office can quickly become an organisational nightmare. After clearing the desk, I'll get your filing under control and create a system so it doesn't have a chance to build up again in the future. By the time you come back, you'll have a room that screams "sit down and work" in the nicest possible way.  

Cost: $350 (INCL. GST)*


Playroom or rumpus room

Are your jigsaws in a jumble? Your toys in a twist? You're sure the pool cue was around here somewhere...? If you're sick of dodging lego-landmines or would sleep easier at night knowing that the Monopoly money was stored safely in the bank, I can help. I'll find a home for everything, consulting with you on appropriate storage solutions if they are required. 

Cost: $500 (INCL. GST)*



The initial purpose of the humble garage was to safely store our vehicles out of the weather, but as we have evolved into a "stuff" society, our garage usage has evolved too. Now an onsite storage facility, the garage is home to bikes and other sports equipment, power tools and gardening gear, DIY detritus and much more... sometimes we squeeze our cars in too!

If you'd like a garage to gloat about, call in an expert. I roll up my sleeves, get stuck in and don't stop until the job is done. You will be delighted with the functional storage,  circulation space and by the absence of junk.

Cost: By negotiation 


Whole house

When Picasso said "Every act of creation is first an act of destruction", he was probably referring to the whole house declutter he commissioned** immediately prior to painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon! I will work my way through your home, decluttering and resetting each room systematically, so you are left with a clean slate on which to create your own masterpiece.  

Cost: By negotiation

*The prices quoted above are standard rates for the services provided and includes a fixed time to complete each project. If, during the site visit, it is deemed that the project cannot be completed within the standard timeframe due to reasons outside The Ship Shape Shoppe Ltd’s control, the client will be informed in writing prior. The Client will be quoted an adjusted price, which they can accept or reject prior to The Ship Shape Shoppe Ltd beginning work on the project.

**There is no evidence to suggest Picasso hired a professional organiser!