Done-for-me decluttering

We all want an organised home, but not all of us have the time to make it happen - so, leave it to me. I’ll help you ditch the overwhelm and reclaim harmonious spaces for your family to enjoy.

Trust me, just about everyone has a space in their home that has got away on them. It’s nothing to be ashamed about; it’s likely just the result of a busy life well-enjoyed! But, understandably, all that clutter can start to weigh us down, interfere with everyday living environments, or encroach on our sense of peace at home. 

So, let’s take care of it.

Clearing and decluttering is the first step, then keeping it organised takes some good planning and clever storage solutions - and I am HERE. FOR. IT! (Seriously, storage and systems gets me excited.)

As a professional organiser, I come to your home in Auckland, create a plan, and take care of transforming the spaces that are causing you overwhelm. The result will be a realistic solution and a better way to manage everyday clutter for your busy Kiwi family, long term.


For 16 years we have not been able to put my car in our double garage because it was full of stuff. Rebekah arrives with a smile (excitement actually) when she saw the job ahead. 3 hours later (yes, only 3 hours) my car was in the garage.


For anyone who doesn’t have time to organise their home/work space or simply hates the thought of this, I cannot recommend Rebekah enough. She is professional, efficient, methodical and quite simply a storage solution genius.

Are you ready? Let's do this!

If you've scoured the internet looking for the right person to help you achieve organisational nirvana in your home, and ended up here... well, thank you. We know it's a big deal to let someone into your home, and we don't take that responsibility lightly. You're almost there - just select the service you'd like to book, choose the organiser you'd like to work with, and find a time that suits your schedule. You'll also need your credit card as we require a 50% deposit to confirm your booking. 

You can read our Terms of Trade here.

Chances are, this decluttering gig might be new to you - which is why our first conversation is free!

Book in a complimentary 15-minute call with me. This is a chance to get to know each other, for you to learn more about how I work and to hear more about what we can do to tackle your specific challenges. 

Whether it’s your wardrobe, your pantry, your garage, or a particular room or space in your home, this call will help me make a plan and prepare a quote to get you the results you want. 

So, how about it? Ready to say ta-ta to clutter and chaos in your life?

Let’s create more space - in your home, in your head and in your life.

Book your free call, GF!