Professional organising services


My promise to you

I will treat your project with respect, whilst working quickly and effectively. I bring all the equipment required to complete your job, and take your unwanted items with me when I leave. All unwanted items are sorted and re-homed wherever possible (through donation to local charities) to minimise our impact on the environment.


Decluttering & organising

I'm not ruthless; I'm not a minimalist; I will never advocate for you to discard your possessions in a manner that is unrealistic and unsustainable for you. I gain an understanding of your current lifestyle and the environment you aspire to achieve, then declutter your problem areas gently, respectfully and efficiently. Once I'm finished, I haul away your unwanted items for donation (where possible) or disposal. 


Household efficiency

If you find yourself overwhelmed by "pile up" and are constantly tidying, let me help you devise a plan to stop clutter in its tracks. There is a knack to it - I would love to teach you a few simple techniques and rules that will help you stay on top of things. This is a personalised service; I spend time with you to understand your living situation and lifestyle before making a plan that will work for you.