Welcome, ‘Like a Girl’ attendees!

I hope you enjoyed the ‘Like a Girl’ event and are feeling empowered to unlock your female potential! I loved sharing my insights on organisation and efficiency with you and hope you left feeling confident to implement some of the tips and techniques I discussed.

Special offer for ‘LIKE A GIRL’ ATTENDEES

If you would like a head start on your organisation goals, you can receive a 10% discount on any of my services, simply by mentioning “Like a Girl” when you book. Easy peasy… now let’s go and explore!

Finally, you’ve come this far so I want to make it worth your while. I’ve pulled together the most important parts of the website below - consider it your roadmap to finding what you need as quickly as possible.

Work with me!

I can be your pantry fairy, your garage guru, your helping hand to downsize for simpler living or even turn your teenagers room from blah to aahhh. You name it, I’ll organise it!


Free tips and tricks

I post free guides and how-tos on the blog. A great place to start is with the Kitchen Month posts from November 2018.

Weekly inspiration

Each week I curate an email that is packed to the gunnels with inspiration on being organised and efficient. It’s fun, snappy and best of all, filed with tips that everyday kiwis can use right away.