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I am an engaging and entertaining speaker that has experience appearing on both pre-recorded and live television and radio shows. While I am relaxed and confident, I thoroughly prepare for each appearance by providing talking points to producers and hosts, and by promoting the upcoming spot to my audience across multiple platforms.


📺 The AM Show (September 2019)

📻 MagicTalkRadio Part 1 & Part 2 (October 2019) 

📻 MagicTalk Radio (November 2019)

📺 The Cafe (November 2019) (Login to is required)

📻 MagicTalk Radio (December 2019)

📻 MagicTalk Radio (April 2020)

📻 MagicTalk Radio (June 2020)

📺 Thrive TV Show (June 2020)

📺 The Cafe (July 2020) (Login to is required) 

📻 MagicTalk Radio (October 2020)

📻 MagicTalkRadio (February 2021)

📻 MagicTalkRadio (April 2021)

📻 MagicTalkRadio (July 2021)

📺 The AM Show (August 2021)

Beks Media Appearance with Microphone
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If you are interested in collaborating, be sure to check out my social pages - there are plenty of videos so you can check “vibe” and see if you think we’d be a good fit.

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