Have you ever considered the benefits of outsourcing your house-move to an expert? You may have used a removal company in the past - I'm a fan of calling in the experts to do the heavy lifting. But there is plenty of help available on either side of the big move that can make life easier. Moving house doesn't need to be daunting - I can help you with every stage of the process. 


First, declutter

Moving house is an ideal time for a thorough stocktake of the items you own. Too often it is done in a mad rush, and not really a conscious, purposeful activity that can set you up for a more streamlined existence in your new home. 

I help you to go through your belongings before they get anywhere near a moving box, ensuring you don't cart unwanted items with you. 

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Next, packing

Ah, packing. It always start carefully and lovingly, then by the time you are up to the 20th box and just desperate to have the job done, things are being thrown into around willy nilly with the most haphazard wrapping and no sign of the conscientious labelling from the beginning of the task. 

Outsource this most tedious of tasks so life can continue as normal for you, safe in the knowledge that come moving day, everything is carefully stowed for the big move. All you'll need to do is the lock the door behind you as you set off for your new home. 

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Finally, unpacking

Unpacking is a funny thing - you either love setting up house and have the job done before the sun sets on your first day in your new home, or you can't seem to find the time to do it properly, and are bothered by boxes hanging around for months after the move. 

I can unpack as much or as little as you want me to. I can simply distribute the boxes to the correct room in the house and leave you to it; I can remove your items from the boxes and take those away, leaving you to put away; or I can unpack, put the items away, and take the empty boxes with me when I go. 

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