Membership pricing for The Declutter Crew

Whether you choose a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual membership, you can be confident that you will receive full access to all the benefits that come with being a part of The Declutter Crew.



NZ$40 per month

If you have a room or two in your home that need decluttering but you don’t know where to start, then this is the option for you. Perfect as a tester to see if guided decluttering suits you, this is also THE cheapest way to work with me.

This full membership has all the bells and whistles, so check the calendar to find out when your room is coming up, and join The Decluttering Crew!


NZ$115 per quarter

If you have more than a few rooms that need some attention, but not necessarily the whole house, then check out the Quarterly membership option. You choose when you start, then enjoy three months of guided decluttering with The Decluttering Crew.


NZ$450 per year

If you want to turn your home on it’s tail and clear out the clutter, room by room, then this is the most cost effective option for you. Stick with me for a year and room by room, your entire home will be transformed.